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Repair kit filling valve
Filter element

Filter element

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Ticket punch, 3 mm holes
Filling valve PN300 with silencer
Escape BA-set, type SAVER CF 15
Pipe sealing sleeve 2""
Pipe sealing sleeve 2,5""
Pipe sealing sleeve 1 1/2""
Pipe sealing sleeve 3/4""
Pipe sealing sleeve 1 1/4""
Pipe sealing sleeve 1/2""
Eye washing bottle c/w sterile filling 620 ml
Adjustable wrench

Adjustable wrench

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Crowbar, length  800 mm
Portable cutting and welding unit type Greggersen Mini
Cutter, with cutting disk dia 230 mm, 220 V / 50 Hz
Sledge hammer, 3 kg, c/w wooden shaft, 800 mm long
Steel drill set for hand drill machine
Hack-saw for metal, 300 mm long
Double open-ended spanner, size 30/32
Double open-ended spanner, size 24/27
Acroprop, steel zincated, adjustable  1.50 - 2.50 m
Storage box,  contents  60 ltr
Storage box, contents  70 ltr
Ladder with 2 x 6 steps
Life buoy, weight  2,5 kg
Life buoy, weight  4 kg
Storage box for life buoy
Marine rescue stretcher, acc. to SOLAS
Marine rescue stretcher acc. to SBG, buoyant
Provisions for life boats
Drinking water tin for life boats, 0.5 l pack
First-Aid kit for lifeboats SOLAS
Firemen's axe

Firemen's axe

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Foam liquid ""Feuerwehr Extra"", can with 25 l
Repair kit for filling valve 200/300 bar
ISO-filling connection Exchange PN 200
Filter cartridge P 31 10  multiplex MS-MS-AC
Valve head wrench for 81409
Filling valve 200 bar, with silencer
Cartridge multisec MS-AC-MS P42
Cooling / Storage tank for 8 cylinder
HP filling hose 200/300 bar, 1 m
filter insert

filter insert

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filter cartridge

filter cartridge

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Bauer compressor oil , 1 ltr. mineral oil   repl. for N16725/1
Bauer compressor oil , 1 ltr. mineral oil
Water fog applicator, 2000 mm long, with Unifire fog nozzle,
Foam inline inductor Z 2R, 200 l/min, c/w Storz-C/52-couplings
Bracket for heavy foam nozzle type S4
Powder extinguisher type PD 12 GA, 12 kg, with manometer
Sealing pliers, without imprint
VIKING Inflatable SOLAS Lifejacket 275N
Glasses for use in breathing mask Dräger FPS 7000
Breathing Apparatus Dräger PSS 7000 c/w Bodyguard
Gas Detection Instrument Dräger PAC 3500 CO
Gas Detection Instrument Dräger PAC 3500 H2S
Full Face Mask Dräger FPS 7000 P-EPDM-S1-PC-S-fix
Escape Hood Dräger Parat C, DIN-EN 403-M
Wall bracket suitable to different breathing apparatus with carbon cylinder, adjustable
Breathing Apparatus Dräger PSS 5000
Rescue System Dräger ISRS 5100 suitable to PSS 100
Fire fighting unit consisting
Rescue System Dräger ISRS 5100/30 Training
Lung Demand Valve DrägerMan PSS A
Breathing Filter type A2B2E2K2-HG-P3
Protection Cover suitable to 6 - 6,8 ltr. Carbon Cylinder


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Carrying Box type WIKOW 5 suitable to FFM Panorama Nova
Glassessuitable to Full Face Mask type Panorama Nova
Smoke Hood type Parat C acc. to DIN EN 403-S, Twin-Pack
Full Face Mask type Dräger Panorama Nova P-PC
Carrying box type Dräger MABOX suitable to FFM Dräger FPS 7000
Tags, colour red suitable to DRAEGER REGIS
Tags, colour blue suitable to Dräger REGIS
Wall Bracket suitable to 2 Carbon Cylinders up to diam. 160 mm
Wall Bracket suitable to 1 Breathing Apparatus c/w 1 Steel Cylinder diam. up to 140 mm
Wall Bracket suitable to 2 Steel Cylinders up to diam. 140 mm
Wall Bracket adjustable, suitable to Breathing Apparatus c/w 1 Steel Cylinder diam. up to 140 mm
Wall Bracket suitable to 1 Steel Cylinder diam. up to 140 mm
Emergency escape breathing device (EEBD) type OCENCO M 20.2
Emergency Flash II

Emergency Flash II

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Wall Cabinet, suitable to 1 breathing apparatus and 3 spare cylinders
Breathing Air Cylinder 6 l/300 bar, steel
Operatonal monitoring plate type DRAEGER REGIS 500
Wall Cabinet suitable to 1 Full Face Mask
Carrying Bag Dräger Protex suitable to 1 fullface-mask
Thermal Imaging Camera type Dräger UCF 7000
Connecting Piece type Dräger 300 bar, to connect 2 Carbon-Cylinder
Gas Detection Instrument type Dräger PAC 3500 Oxgen
Rescue-Pack-System type Dräger RPS 3500
Breathing Apparatus type DRAEGER PSS 3000
Carrying Box Dräger MABOX II (small size) suitable to 1 Fullface-Mask
Thermal Imaging Camera type Dräger UCF 9000
Breathing Air Cylinder, Carbon 6,8 l/300 bar
Transport Unit suitable to 2 Spare Cylinder 6,8 ltr./300 bar
Thermal imaging camera type DRAEGER UCF 6000
Foil Welder type Polystar 420 FSV
Airline Unit  type Dräger PAS COLT c/w low pressure alarm whistle
Breathing Filter type Dräger 1140 A2B2E2K2-HG-NO P3 D/CO 20
Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) type Dräger SAVER CF 15 c/w Hardcase
Multi Gas Detection Instrument type Dräger X-am 3000 w/o integrated pump
CO2-fire extinguisher type KS 5 SE
BAUER 5951 Adapter Schlauch PN 200
BAUER 07756 Flaschenanschluss PN 200
BAUER 010912 bottles Connection PN 300
BAUER adapter hose PN 300
Apparatus to fix fire hoses with wire
Pick-up hose for foam liquids, diam. 19 mm, 1.5 m
Foam compound Sthamex f-15, 20 kg
Foam compound Sthamex AFFF f-15, 20 kg
IFEX 3001 Impulse gun
IFEX 3012 Backpack

IFEX 3012 Backpack

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IFEX 3035 Trolley

IFEX 3035 Trolley

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Powder suction machine Mini
Fire blanket, 1600 x 2000 mm
Storage box for fire blankets, type 1
Storage box for fire blankets, type 4
Pipe sealing sleeves, set
Throwing line for life buoys, 30 m long
Bolt cutter

Bolt cutter

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Crowbar, length: 1500 mm
Heat protection hood VIKING, 2-ply
Firemen's safety belt, black with twistlock
Universal vehicle holder for 6 kg fire extinguisher
BAUER P21 / Triplex filter cartridge 057679 electric motor
BAUER P80/P81 / Triplex filter cartridge 058 825 electric motor
BAUER P60/P61/P62 Triplex filter cartridge 058826 electric motor
BAUER P21 / Triplex filter cartridge 059183 petrol engine
BAUER safety valve 059410-225 bar
BAUER safety valve 059410-330 bar
BAUER P60/P61 triplex filter cartridge securus 060 036 electric motor
BAUER P40/P41 filter cartridge securus 061 686 electric motor
BAUER P40/P41 triplex filter cartridge securus 061 687 petrol engine
BAUER P60/P61/P62 triplex filter cartridge 068 622 industry
Filling valve with gauge PN200
Filling valve with gauge PN300
HP-storage B100-S

HP-storage B100-S

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Safety torch type PELI Little Ed 3660 LED
Rescue vest ALPHA 275 3D neon
Automatic selector unit with pressure Sensor 0-420 bar
Filter cartridge; Triplex; BKM, MS-AC; Paintball
UNIMAM cylinder connection PN200; Nitrox
Ankle filling valve, noise reduced
WEH-breath Adapter 200 bar
WEH-breath Adapter 300 bar for straight hose connection
B-master MIDI panel for barriers
Filling panel, type 200/300 D, 1 filling valve 200 bar - 1 filling valve 300 bar
Storage bottle 50 l Type B 50 S
High-pressure accumulator 50 l/360 bar
Marine bracket for CO2 fire extinguisher 5 kg
Marine bracket for fire extinguisher 6 kg / 6 l
Marine bracket for fire extinguisher 9 kg / 12 kg / 9 l
Spare powder ADEX 6 kg bag
Breathing Air Compressor JUNIOR II
Breathing Air Compressor OCEANUS
Breathing Air Compressor PE 100
Breathing Air Compressor CAPITANO 140
Breathing Air Compressor MARINER
Breathing Air Compressor PE 200/250/300 TE
Breathing Air Compressor PE 250/300 HE
Breathing Air Compressor PE 300-850 VE
Breathing Air Compressor PROFI - LINE Diesel Engine
Breathing Air Compressor KAP H - Series
Breathing Air Compressor KAP Diesel - Series
Breathing air compressor KAP 220 and KAP 23 - series
Breathing air compressor NITROX
Fire hose, type Marine, white
Fire hose, type Polydur, red
Fire hose, type Marine, red coloured
Air intake filter

Air intake filter

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Filling panel, type 200/300 D, 1 filling valve 200 bar - 3 filling valves 300 bar
Filling panel, type 200/300 D, 2 filling valves 200 bar - 8 filling valves 300 bar
Filling panel, type 200/300 D, 1 filling valve 200 bar - 6 filling valves 300 bar
Filling panel, type 200/300 D, 4 filling valves 200 bar - 1 filling valve 300 bar
Filling panel, type 200, 4 filling valves 200 bar
Filter insert

Filter insert

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Filter insert

Filter insert

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Compressor oil, 1 l

Compressor oil, 1 l

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Compressor oil, 5 l

Compressor oil, 5 l

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Maintenance set

Maintenance set

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Operatonal Monitoring Plate type Dräger REGIS 300
Firemen's helmet type DRAEGER HPS 7000 PRO
Firemen's helmet type DRAEGER HPS 7000 PRO
Firemen's helmet type DRAEGER HPS 7000 PRO
Heat protection suit VIKING, type PS6598
Fire fighting unit VIKING
Boots type Harvik, with ship-wheel approval
Electrician protection gloves, size 10, 7500 Volt
Protection helmet, red, c/w neck protection leather
Explosion proof hand torch
Ex-proofed safety hand lamp type WOLFLITE H-4DC A
Wolflite handlamp H-251A LED
Rechargable torch Wolflite R50H with battery pack and charging station
Head lamp type MYO RXP Version 2
Hammer, 1 kg

Hammer, 1 kg

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Firemens' axe with protection bag
Cutter knife

Cutter knife

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Respiratory protection holster Limburg
Set of screw drivers, type torx, 6-part
Double-end box wrench-set, DIN 838, 12-part
Multifunction key

Multifunction key

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Combination pliers for electricians
voltage tester, 2-pole
Screw driver, cross-type, for electricians
Screw driver for electricians
Wedge, made of beech wood
Wedge, made of beech wood, with carrying rope
Electrician-side pocket, large
Pipe sealing sleeve 1""
Safety line, type Flammtrutz, 40 m, with snap hook
Safety harness with leg loops and shoulder loops
Snap hook, 160 mm, without safety screw
Snap hook according to DIN 5299, 100 mm
Storage box, contents 240 ltr
Storage box, contents 155 ltr
Fire hose box type NODO
Wall bracket for fire hose reels
Hose reel, size C

Hose reel, size C

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Coupling spanner for Storz couplings, 38 mm
Coupling spanner for Storz couplings 52 or 65 mm, malleable cast iron
Multipurpose branchpipe type CMM
Fire hose nozzle, type HS 12-C, c/w Storz-52 mm-coupling
Fire hose nozzle, type HS 20-C, c/w Storz-52 mm-coupling
International fire-shore connection without coupling
Seal for international fire land connection
Foam inline inductor Z 4R, 400 l/min, c/w Storz-C/52-couplings
Heavy foam nozzle type S 2-15, with Storz-C/52-coupling
Heavy foam nozzle type S 4-15
Medium expansion foam pipe M4, Storz-65mm-MS-coupling
Kombination foam pipe type KR-S/M 4
Bracket for foam inline inductor type Z2
CO2-fire extinguisher type KS 2 SBS
Spare CO2-fire extinguisher type CF 10/6
CO2-fire extinguisher, 20 kg, type CF 20/6
Spare filling for powder extinguisher type PEP 6 GA
Spare filling for powder extinguisher type PEP 12 GA
Powder fire extinguisher, 1 kg,  type F 1 G, with brackets
Powder fire extinguisher, 2 kg,  type F 2 G, with brackets
Powder extinguisher type PD 6 GA, 6 kg, with manometer
Powder fire extinguisher, 50 kg, type PEF 50-10
Spare filling for powder fire extinguisher type PEF 50-10
Powder fire extinguisher, 25 kg, type PDE 25-5
Powder fire extinguisher, 6 kg,  type P 6 Pro
Powder fire extinguisher, type P 12 Easy
Powder fire extinguisher, type P 6 Easy
Powder fire extinguisher, 50 kg, type PEF 50-5
Foam extinguisher, 50 l, type SEF 50-10
Foam fire extinguisher, 9 l, type S 9 Easy
Foam fire extinguisher, 6 l, type SF 6 Easy
Foam fire extinguisher Gloria SF 9 Easy, frost-proof to -20 °C
Wet chemical fire extinguisher, 6 l, type FB 6 Easy
Protection hood for powder fire extinguisher up to 6 kg, without symbol
Fire blanket  120 x 180 cm , stored in flat plastic box
Box for Fire and Safety plans, size DIN A4
Tube for Fire and Safety plans, length 900 mm
Key keeper

Key keeper

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VIKING Helicopter passenger rescue vest type PV9302
Survival suit VIKING PS4170 type, Gore-Tex Pacific
VIKING PS4003 Dual Wind transfer suit
VIKING Wind transfer suit type PS4115
VIKING ETSO app. helicopter transportation suit PS4003
Rescue rod, 2,80 m long, light metal tube
First-Aid kit for bridge, galley and machine room
Hooligan tool PARATECH, American crowbar
SECCANT 3 A Dryer / 90-350 bar
Safety Filling System B-Safe 300
BAUER P40/P41/P42 triplex filter cartridge 062565 electric motor
Life jacket type ALPHA 275 3D Window
Light for life jackets, type SECULUX CFX II
BAUER filter cartridge 80114 for filter system P31
Bracket for multipurpose branchpipe c/w bracket for coupling spanner Storz B/C TG
Bracket for multipurpose branchpipe, made of stainless steel, c/w 1 bracket holder for coupling key
Divider with screw down valves inlet  Storz-C/52, made of brass outlet  2 x Storz-C/52, made of brass
Assault Nozzle  QUADRAFOG TWIN ACTION with Storz coupling
Rosenbauer Nozzle RB 101 with Storz coupling 38 mm
Turbo-Nozzle AWG 2400 C Gold
High pressure extinguishing device HNE HiPress Vario 10 RT+SD
Bolt cutter hard chrome-polished
Bolt Cutters professional, max. Cutting capacity 14 mm
Crowbar, length: 600 mm
Bracket for lamp UK 4AA
Safety line, type FLAMMTRUTZ, per metre
Knife holster for firefighters rescue knife
Rescue knife PRT II

Rescue knife PRT II

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Rescue hook c/w wooden shaft
Protection box for Emergency Escape Breathing Device
Fire hose nozzle LEADER Quadrafog 400 F06 EN
Breathing air cylinder 6,8 ltr. 300 bar CFK
Dräger OXY 6000 T (Training device)
Short term breathing apparatus DRAEGER PAS Colt
Dräger Repeater Unit Nr. 2 Merlin (869,5MHz)
Dräger Repeater Unit Nr.1 Merlin (869,5MHz)
Blank identification key for Dräger PSS Merlin.
Breathing protection monitoring table DrägerMan PSS Merlin
Spare saw-blade for hack-saw, length 300 mm
Dräger FPS-COM-PLUS VA RC, universal cable with plug
DRAEGER rescue hood type PARAT 5520 soft pack
Fire hose bin, size C (new design - angular)
Bolt-cutter, 600 mm long, German Standard
Foam attachment for AWG Turbo-Nozzles 2235 C , 2400 C , 2400 B
Mini - clutch key Unisek ABCD
Coupling key BC DIN 14822 part 1
Foam agent DR . STHAMER STHAMEX - K 1 % F - 15 -9143
Headlights Peli 9435 RALS ATEX
Fire protection hood (head guard) VIKING
Gas gauge DRÄGER X-am 5600
Firefighter's Helmet Dräger HPS 7000
Data radio PSS Merlin - 869,5 MHz
SCBA DRAEGER PSS 7000, basic machine with Bodyguard 7000 and QuickConnect
Full face maske type Panorama Nova  Standard P PC  A
compressed air cylinder CFK, special , yellow (30 years)
Tank cover for cylinders
Dräger escape hood Parat 5530 Hard Case
Thermal imaging camera DRÄGER UCF 8000 NFPA,
Thermal imaging camera Dräger UCF 8000, ATEX
Foam fire extinguisher, type SEF 50B/10, 50 kg, on wheels
Screw drivers with hexagonal key aid, in different sizes
B-Detection PLUS

B-Detection PLUS

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KrinnAir NITROX membrane systems
KrinnAir CO2 Reducer

KrinnAir CO2 Reducer

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Domeyer filling panels for breathing air compressors
Breathing air compressor Mini Verticus VI
Breathing air compressor Verticus VI


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B-DETECTION PLUS m (mobile version for temporary measurements on site)Continuous measurement of O2, CO, CO2
Dräger Air Guard 6500/6700 Breathing Air Monitoring
Maintenance-free personal 2-year gas meter Pac 6000
Personal entry meter Pac 6500
Personal entry meter Pac 6500
Bauer B-DETECTION PLUS i (integrated in compressor)Continuous measurement of O2, CO, CO2Absolute humidity, oil-containing particles (VOCs) as well as the flush valve are available as an option
B-DETECTION PLUS s (stand-alone version for wall mounting with B-CONTROL MICRO+ net)Continuous monitoring of CO, CO2, O2
DRÄGER FPS-COM 7000 PP Communication unit