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Diving Umbilicals FibroLine

Diving Umbilical FibroLine.
Gas Hose FibroLine 3/8"", available with different cables (communication / hat light / video)
and hoses (3/8"", 1/4"", 1/2""), in different lengths.

Type T: Gas Hose 3/8"" and Comms Cable
Type TL: Gas Hose 3/8"", Comms Cable and Hat Light Cable
Type TLP: Gas Hose 3/8"", Comms Cable, Hat Light Cable and Penumo Hose
Type TLPV: Gas Hose 3/8"", Comms Cable, Hat Light Cable, Pneumo Hose and Video Cable
Diving Umbilicals FibroLineDiving Umbilicals FibroLine
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