Rescue Equipment / Tools / Accessories

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Ticket punch, 3 mm holes
Pipe sealing sleeve 2""
Pipe sealing sleeve 2,5""
Pipe sealing sleeve 1 1/2""
Pipe sealing sleeve 3/4""
Pipe sealing sleeve 1 1/4""
Pipe sealing sleeve 1/2""
Eye washing bottle c/w sterile filling 620 ml
Adjustable wrench

Adjustable wrench

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Crowbar, length  800 mm
Portable cutting and welding unit type Greggersen Mini
Cutter, with cutting disk dia 230 mm, 220 V / 50 Hz
Sledge hammer, 3 kg, c/w wooden shaft, 800 mm long
Steel drill set for hand drill machine
Hack-saw for metal, 300 mm long
Double open-ended spanner, size 30/32
Double open-ended spanner, size 24/27
Acroprop, steel zincated, adjustable  1.50 - 2.50 m
Storage box, contents  70 ltr
Ladder with 2 x 6 steps
Life buoy, weight  2,5 kg
Life buoy, weight  4 kg
Storage box for life buoy
Marine rescue stretcher, acc. to SOLAS
Marine rescue stretcher acc. to SBG, buoyant
Provisions for life boats
Drinking water tin for life boats, 0.5 l pack
First-Aid kit for lifeboats SOLAS
Firemen's axe

Firemen's axe

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Foam liquid ""Feuerwehr Extra"", can with 25 l
Sealing pliers, without imprint
VIKING Inflatable SOLAS Lifejacket 275N
Pipe sealing sleeves, set
Throwing line for life buoys, 30 m long
Bolt cutter

Bolt cutter

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Crowbar, length: 1500 mm
Safety torch type PELI Little Ed 3660 LED
Rescue vest ALPHA 275 3D neon
Explosion proof hand torch
Ex-proofed safety hand lamp type WOLFLITE H-4DC A
Wolflite handlamp H-251A LED
Rechargable torch Wolflite R50H with battery pack and charging station
Head lamp type MYO RXP Version 2
Hammer, 1 kg

Hammer, 1 kg

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Firemens' axe with protection bag
Cutter knife

Cutter knife

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Respiratory protection holster Limburg
Set of screw drivers, type torx, 6-part
Double-end box wrench-set, DIN 838, 12-part
Multifunction key

Multifunction key

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Combination pliers for electricians
voltage tester, 2-pole
Screw driver, cross-type, for electricians
Screw driver for electricians
Wedge, made of beech wood
Wedge, made of beech wood, with carrying rope
Electrician-side pocket, large
Pipe sealing sleeve 1""
Safety line, type Flammtrutz, 40 m, with snap hook
Safety harness with leg loops and shoulder loops
Snap hook, 160 mm, without safety screw
Snap hook according to DIN 5299, 100 mm
Storage box, contents 240 ltr
Storage box, contents 155 ltr
Box for Fire and Safety plans, size DIN A4
Tube for Fire and Safety plans, length 900 mm
Key keeper

Key keeper

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VIKING Helicopter passenger rescue vest type PV9302
Rescue rod, 2,80 m long, light metal tube
First-Aid kit for bridge, galley and machine room
Hooligan tool PARATECH, American crowbar
Life jacket type ALPHA 275 3D Window
Light for life jackets, type SECULUX CFX II
Bolt cutter hard chrome-polished
Bolt Cutters professional, max. Cutting capacity 14 mm
Crowbar, length: 600 mm
Bracket for lamp UK 4AA
Safety line, type FLAMMTRUTZ, per metre
Knife holster for firefighters rescue knife
Rescue knife PRT II

Rescue knife PRT II

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Rescue hook c/w wooden shaft
Spare saw-blade for hack-saw, length 300 mm
Bolt-cutter, 600 mm long, German Standard
Headlights Peli 9435 RALS ATEX
Screw drivers with hexagonal key aid, in different sizes