Fire Hoses / Nozzles / Accessories for Fire Fighting

Storage box,  contents  60 ltr
Water fog applicator, 2000 mm long, with Unifire fog nozzle,
Foam inline inductor Z 2R, 200 l/min, c/w Storz-C/52-couplings
Bracket for heavy foam nozzle type S4
Apparatus to fix fire hoses with wire
Pick-up hose for foam liquids, diam. 19 mm, 1.5 m
Foam compound Sthamex f-15, 20 kg
Foam compound Sthamex AFFF f-15, 20 kg
Fire hose, type Marine, white
Fire hose, type Polydur, red
Fire hose, type Marine, red coloured
Fire hose box type NODO
Wall bracket for fire hose reels
Hose reel, size C

Hose reel, size C

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Coupling spanner for Storz couplings, 38 mm
Coupling spanner for Storz couplings 52 or 65 mm, malleable cast iron
Multipurpose branchpipe type CMM
Fire hose nozzle, type HS 12-C, c/w Storz-52 mm-coupling
Fire hose nozzle, type HS 20-C, c/w Storz-52 mm-coupling
International fire-shore connection without coupling
Seal for international fire land connection
Foam inline inductor Z 4R, 400 l/min, c/w Storz-C/52-couplings
Heavy foam nozzle type S 2-15, with Storz-C/52-coupling
Heavy foam nozzle type S 4-15
Medium expansion foam pipe M4, Storz-65mm-MS-coupling
Kombination foam pipe type KR-S/M 4
Bracket for foam inline inductor type Z2
Bracket for hatch equipment, type B
Bracket for multipurpose branchpipe c/w bracket for coupling spanner Storz B/C TG
Bracket for multipurpose branchpipe, made of stainless steel, c/w 1 bracket holder for coupling key
Divider with screw down valves inlet  Storz-C/52, made of brass outlet  2 x Storz-C/52, made of brass
Assault Nozzle  QUADRAFOG TWIN ACTION with Storz coupling
Rosenbauer Nozzle RB 101 with Storz coupling 38 mm
Turbo-Nozzle AWG 2400 C Gold
Fire hose nozzle LEADER Quadrafog 400 F06 EN
Fire hose bin, size C (new design - angular)
Foam attachment for AWG Turbo-Nozzles 2235 C , 2400 C , 2400 B
Mini - clutch key Unisek ABCD
Coupling key BC DIN 14822 part 1
Foam agent DR . STHAMER STHAMEX - K 1 % F - 15 -9143