Breathing air compressors 200/300 bar


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B-Detection PLUS

B-DETECTION PLUS online gas measuring system for high-pressure applications

The online gas measurement system B-DETECTION PLUS monitors the quality of the compressed air: Measurement of CO, CO2, O2 as well as optional absolute humidity and oil (VOC)1. Automatic, constantly and extremely reliable.

By means of the B-CONTROL control, you can at any time observe compliance with the limit values ​​of the breathing air standard DIN EN 12021: 20141.

In the case of an exceedance of the limit, the control system will shows an alarm on the display by means of an optical warning signal and switch off the system before air contaminated with pollutants enters the breathing air bottles.

An automatic flush valve (optional) ensures that the contaminated air is directed into the open air without interrupting the operation of the system if short-term limit values ​​are exceeded.

With the new B-DETECTION PLUS gas measuring system, you now have a reliable partner at your side, available as version B-DETECTION PLUS i integrated into the compressor, and as stand-alone version B-DETECTION PLUS s. As an operator, you can enjoy the assurance of quality and legal compliance­ with BAUER's online gas measuring system. B-DETECTION systems can easily be retrofitted to existing BAUER compressors!

1 Humidity and oil measurement (VOC) optional. Oil measurement only on the basis of volatile hydrocarbons (VOCs). Sensor calibration based on isobutene.

Options for B-DETECTION:

Humidification distance

B-DETECTION AIRBOX: Gas sampling unit (incl. in standard scope of supply)

Ambient air pump

Automatic flashing valve
B-Detection PLUSB-Detection PLUS
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